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Why the craze for Java Developer Jobs?

Why the craze for Java Developer Jobs?

The world of careers has witnessed numerous turnarounds and turning points in the last 20 years. Salary is one of the most important factors to look out for while selecting a job offer.

To get a good job with a good income is the dream of every individual in India. Every year, the ICT companies release many job opportunities in various divisions.

Job-seekers in India were desperate to join large private corporations and MNCs companies. With so many young talented professionals eager to work with them, many pharma, retail, IT and ITeS companies, met their expansion goals and are still flourishing. But now, the scenario in the job market seems to have reversed completely.

To get a Java Developer job is not so easy. It is based on written test and interview and appropriate qualifications to qualify the job.

Myth 1: The pay and benefits of a Java Developer job always score over those of ICT Technology like PHP, Perl etc jobs.

At entry-level, Java Developer jobs pay the best salaries, not the lowest.

Salaries for Java SE & Java EE developers are attractive NOT only at the entry-level. To go to higher level, Java Developers need practical & real world Classroom / Online Java Training in India.

Myth 2 – Java SE & Java EE developer jobs are high demanding, have high targets

Jobs in Java Platform and other ICT technologies come with their advantages and disadvantages. Job seekers must choose based on their risk-appetite.

Java Training to get Dream Java Developer Job

Practical & Real world Classroom / Online Java Training in India is essential for securing a dream Java SE & Java EE developer job.

Java Jobs Division

Java Jobs in India is basically divided into two divisions namely:

  1. Java Development Jobs
  2. Java Testing Jobs

Java Developer Job Description

  • Strong in Core java concepts, Collections, Geneics, Serialization, JDBC, Reflection, I / O,
  • Java EE 6 & 7 -> Strong on JSP 2.2 / Servlets 3.0 , JSF 2.0, JNDI, WebServices : JAX-WS 2.2, JAX-RS
  • Strong on EJB 3.1 (Stateless session, Entity beans -ORM ), JPA 2.0
  • Strong on design , OOAD, Design patterns faade, value object, singleton, factory, command
  • Hibernate
  • MVC -> experience on any MVC framework ( Struts1.2 / Spring MVC / ) Good to have:
  • jUnit 4.0 -> automated testing
  • Debugging, reverse engineering
  • SVN merging, branching
  • Spring, Hibernate knowledge
  • IBM WebSphere v8.x / any other
  • Linux
  • Bugzilla / JIRA
  • Authorization / authentication JAAS / Spring security / Web Services Security Username Token Required Skills JAVA, Java EE, JSF, Hibernate, EJB3.1, WebServices

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