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Students Essay Contest

Students Essay Contest

Computer Society of India, Chennai Chapter along with IEEE Computer Society, Chennai and IEEE Professional Computer Society, Chennai has announced its student essay contest on the theme

“Harnessing the Power of ICT for our new Initiatives”

The competition will be held in two streams:

  1. For School Students (Classes VIII to Classes XII)
  2. College Students (UG Students of all Discipline)

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Roles

The ICT industry is playing a transformational role in the way businesses, customers and citizens are services and also leading the way in establishing a new paradigm for knowledge and services led by economy. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, telecom, finance, banking, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, e-Goverence, e-commerce, transportation, logistics, defence and many more.

The usage of digital technologies as an enabler can indication to enhanced productivity, cumulative upcoming innovation, professional competitiveness and competence.

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