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IT hub can wear the “Made in India” Tag

IT hub can wear the “Made in India” Tag

Tamilnadu, Chennai’s development as an Information and communications technology (ICT) and Business Process Outsourcing) BPO hub is manifest in the shifting landscape of the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) or IT Corridor), Guindy, Ramapuram and Ambattur industrial estates.

With best infrastructure, skilled manpower, Tamilnadu, chennai boasts 25% of Skilled manpower output.

Traditionally southern region, particularly Tamilnadu, karnataka and Andra Pradesh id known to be a key hub for the Information and communications technology (ICT) hub in the country. Over  the past two decades, Tamilnadu, Chennai had carved out a unique place for itself in the education of skilled job ready Java professionals.


what you get from Tamilnadu, Chennai. Java Training Institutes in Chennai provides high quality Java and Java EE education for freshers and experienced professionals.

Key reasons for global brands to set up shops near Tamilnadu, Chennai are the presence of robust and vibrant ICT industry in the region, Air connectivity and availablity of the skilled man power and among others. Tamilnadu provides a huge talent pool withan annual turnaround of about close to two lakhs engineering graduates and almost an equal number of trained polytechnical students.

Youth can make Tamilnadu India’s silicon valley, feel industry experts

Various Information and communications technology (ICT) companies is reported to have created jobs for about few million professionals (both directly & indirectly) through its developed offices and its vendors, which includes Indians (Tamilinas, Telugu speaking professionals, Malayalis and many more) and Foreigners.

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