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Best Recommended books for Hibernate framework

Best Recommended books for Hibernate framework

  • Java Persistence with Hibernate
  • Beginning Hibernate
  • Pro Hibernate
  • Harnessing Hibernate
  • Just Hibernate
  • Professional Hibernate
  • Pro Hibernate and MongoDB
  • Hibernate Recipes
  • Agile Java Development With Spring, Hibernate, And Eclipse
  • Hibernate Made Easy: Simplified Data Persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java Persistence API) Annotations

1. Java Persistence with Hibernate

Publisher MANNING
No of Pages 876
Modules Covered
Description When Hibernate in Action was published two years ago, it was immediately recognized not only as the definitive book on Hibernate, but also as the definitive work on object/relational mapping. In the intervening time, the persistence landscape has changed with the release of the Java Persistence API, the new standard for object/relational mapping for Java EE and Java SE which was developed under the Java Community Process as part of the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Specification.
Chapter 1 Understanding object/relational persistence
Chapters Chapter 2 Starting a project
Chapter 3 Domain models and metadata
Chapter 4 Mapping persistent classes
Chapter 5 Inheritance and custom types
Chapter 6 Mapping collections and entity associations
Chapter 7 Advanced entity association mappings
Chapter 8 Legacy databases and custom SQL
Chapter 9 Working with objects
Chapter 10 Transactions and concurrency
Chapter 11 Implementing conversations
Chapter 12 Modifying objects efficiently
Chapter 13 Optimizing fetching and caching
Chapter 14 Querying with HQL and JPA QL
Chapter 15 Advanced query options
Chapter 16 Creating and testing layered applications
Chapter 17 Introducing JBoss Seam

2. Beginning Hibernate

Author Dave Minter and Jeff Linwood
Publisher Apress
No of Pages 359
Modules Covered
Chapters CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Hibernate
CHAPTER 2 Integrating and Configuring Hibernat
CHAPTER 3 Building a Simple Application
CHAPTER 4 The Persistence Life Cycle
CHAPTER 5 An Overview of Mapping
CHAPTER 6 Mapping with Annotations
CHAPTER 7 Creating Mappings with Hibernate XML Files
CHAPTER 8 Using the Session
CHAPTER 9 Searches and Queries
CHAPTER 10 Advanced Queries Using Criteria
CHAPTER 11 Filtering the Results of Searches

3. Pro Hibernate

Publisher Apress
No of Pages 264
Modules Covered
Chapters CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Hibernate 3
CHAPTER 2 Integrating and Configuring Hibernate
CHAPTER 3 Building a Simple Application
CHAPTER 4 Using Annotations with Hibernate
CHAPTER 5 The Persistence Lifecycle
CHAPTER 6 Creating Mappings
CHAPTER 7 Querying Objects with Criteria
CHAPTER 8 Querying with HQL and SQL
CHAPTER 9 Using the Session
CHAPTER 10 Design Considerations with Hibernate 3
CHAPTER 11 Events and Interceptors
CHAPTER 12 Hibernate Filters
CHAPTER 13 Fitting Hibernate into the Existing Environment
CHAPTER 14 Upgrading from Hibernate

4. Harnessing Hibernate

Author James Elliott; Timothy M. O’Brien; Ryan Fowler
Publisher O’Reilly
No of Pages 461
Modules Covered
Description Harnessing Hibernate is an ideal introduction to the popular framework that lets Java developers work with information from a relational database easily and efficiently. Databases are a very different world than Java objects, and they often involve people with different skills and specializations. With Hibernate, bridging these two worlds is significantly easier, and with this book, you can get up to speed with Hibernate quickly. Rather than present you with another reference, Harnessing Hibernate lets you explore the system, from download and configuration through a series of projects that demonstrate how to accomplish a variety of practical goals. The new edition of this concise guide walks you through Hibernate’s primary features, which include mapping from Java classes to database tables, and from Java data types to SQL data types. You will also learn about Hibernate’s data query and retrieval facilities, and much more. By reading and following along with the examples, you can get your own Hibernate environment set up quickly and start using it for real-world tasks right away.
Chapters Chapter 1. Installation and Setup
Chapter 2. Introduction to Mapping
Chapter 3. Harnessing Hibernate
Chapter 4. Collections and Associations
Chapter 5. Richer Associations
Chapter 6. Custom Value Types
Chapter 7. The Annotations Alternative
Chapter 8. Criteria Queries
Chapter 9. A Look at HQL
Chapter 10. Connecting Hibernate to MySQL
Chapter 11. Hibernate and Eclipse: Really Using the Hibernate Tools
Chapter 12. Maven in More Depth
Chapter 13. Put a Spring in your Step: Hibernate with Spring
Chapter 14. The Finishing Touch: Stripes with Spring and Hibernate

5. Just Hibernate

Author Madhusudhan Konda
Publisher O’Reilly
No of Pages 139
Modules Covered
Chapters Chapter 1. Basics
Chapter 2. Fundamentals
Chapter 3. Annotations
Chapter 4. Persisting Collections
Chapter 5. Associations
Chapter 6. Advanced Concepts
Chapter 7. Hibernate Query Language
Chapter 8. Java Persistence API

6. Professional Hibernate

Author Eric Pugh and Joseph D. Gradecki
Publisher Wrox
No of Pages 458
Modules Covered
Chapters Chapter 1: Introduction to Mapping Objects to Relational Databases
Chapter 2: Introduction to Hibernate
Chapter 3: Hibernate Development Environment
Chapter 4: Database Connecting and Schema Generation
Chapter 5: Creating Persistent Classes
Chapter 6: Working with Collections
Chapter 7: Using Persistent Objects
Chapter 8: Hibernate Query Language
Chapter 9: Hibernate Caching
Chapter 10: Hibernate Transactions and Locking
Chapter 11: J2EE and Hibernate
Chapter 12: Hibernate and DAO Design Pattern
Chapter 13: Hibernate and XDoclet
Chapter 14: Hibernate and Maven
Chapter 15: Hibernate Extensions
Chapter 16: Hibernate and Eclipse
Chapter 17: Using Velocity, Struts, and Hibernate
Chapter 18: Hibernate and AspectJ
Chapter 19: Hibernate Interceptors

7. Pro Hibernate and MongoDB

Author Anghel Leonard
Publisher Apress
No of Pages 377
Modules Covered
Description This book covers all the important aspects of developing Hibernate OGM-MongoDB applications. It provides clear instructions for getting the most out of the Hibernate OGM-MongoDB duo and offers many examples of integrating Hibernate OGM by means of both the Hibernate Native API and the Java Persistence API. You will learn how to develop desktop, web, and enterprise applications for the most popular web and enterprise servers, such as Tomcat, JBoss AS, and Glassfish AS. You’ll see how to take advantage of Hibernate OGM-MongoDB together with many common technologies, such as JSF, Spring, Seam, EJB, and more. Finally, you’ll learn how to migrate to the cloud—MongoHQ, MongoLab, and OpenShift.
Chapters Chapter 1: Getting Started with Hibernate OGM
Chapter 2: Hibernate OGM and MongoDB
Chapter 3: Bootstrapping Hibernate OGM
Chapter 4: Hibernate OGM at Work
Chapter 5: Hibernate OGM and JPA 2.0 Annotations
Chapter 6: Hibernate OGM Querying MongoDB
Chapter 7: MongoDB e-Commerce Database Model
Chapter 8: MongoDB e-Commerce Database Querying
Chapter 9: Migrate MongoDB Database to Cloud
Chapter 10: Migrating RafaEShop Application on OpenShift

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