All About Java

February, 2015

Java Mocking Frameworks

Java Mocking Frameworks Executive Summary Today, One of the major challenges any software developers face when writing unit tests is how to handle external dependencies. In order to execute a unit test, you may need a open live connection to a fully populated database, or some remote server; or perhaps there is a need to […]

Online Java Training Methodologies

Online Java Training Methodologies Online Java training courses can save corporations thousands of dollars, as they no longer have to compensation for overtime or costly seminars & conferences to improve employee Java SE & Java EE skills and knowledge. Many organizations and IT Training institutions are using Online Java Training from India because it can […]

Playing the Right Corporate Plans

Playing the Right Corporate Plans Executive Summary The good one are customized, sensitive to culture, life-enhancing and lend themselves to follow-ups. The concept of games as a public tool is aware to us. Included in marital ceremonies, games soften the coolness between two or more relations. Games help close relatives tear down the silent walls […]

Online Java Training

Online Java Training Executive Summary on Online Java Training The Online Java Training Course should be fairly comprehensive set of java tutorials for beginners on Java programming using the eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (suggested) or Net Beans IDE Environment. The Online Java Training Course should cover all the basics of Java SE & Java […]

HTTP Get vs Post Request

HTTP Get vs Post Request Description GET Request POST Request How to specify <form method=”get” <form method=”post” Browser History Parameters remain in browser history because they are part of the URL Parameters are not saved in browser history. Bookmark Possibility Possible Not Possible Cache Can Can’t be cached Restrictions on form data type Yes, only […]